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Memorials And Tributes

It would be an honor to have your beloved pet memorialized in our meadow at the foot of the rainbow. We will also feature tributes to special people or animals, so please feel free to write us with yours. To help us save another animal, a donation in memory or tribute would be very much appreciated.

The Rainbow Bridge

Please send all applicable information (your pets name, story, and photos) with your donation to:

Humane Society
8404 Wayne Avenue
Stanwood, WA 98292

MaxLittle Max passed away today. He’s the black one in the picture. He was 17. I miss him so much and Bella my other pug is looking all over for him. It was a rough day today - I cried all day.
- Susie

IzzyBack in 2003 I adopted a young, deaf, Catahoula dog from you named Izzy. I bought her home and we've lived together ever since; a wondeful spirit which I have always credited to the very kind treatment she received at HappyPaws. She went through two levels of obedience training, one with a vibrating collar and the other with just hand signals and she came out number 1 in both classes.

Just this past week it was clear that her body had run to its limits so we let her go - a very peaceful transition from a much loved life. She was definitely unusual, being partly sighted and fully deaf but she was a great character; absolutely the sweetest dog I've ever had, and a wonderful friend. The photo here was taken last month, at the age of 15.5 years. I just wanted to follow up to say that your "forever home" placement with Iz was not just successful but a true gift for both of us. Thank you all so much!
- Sincerely, Kathleen W.

In honor of Caroline and her love for animals.
-Ashley and Precious

Jeff_Saari_beagle In memory of Jeff Saari who loved beagles.
-Joann Veleber

In memory of Brittany, the greatest Springer Spaniel in the whole world. Thank you for the wonderful years that you have given our family. We miss you very much and will hold you in our hearts forever! We love you!
-Dean, Susan, Joshua, and Sarah Gordon

In memory of our beloved Luci.
-Carol Janowicz

In memory of Mac McIntyre.
-Love, Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa

I found Anna, a 12-year-old cat, in the summer. She was in very poor shape. I spent over $1,000 to make her well. But, I had a busy schedule and traveled. I couldn't keep her and no one wanted her. I took her to the Everett Shelter and they euthanized her. I am devastated.

In memory of Kathy Searfus, a lady who loved animals. Thank you for your wonderful bequest. In your name, we will take care of those who are sick and old and cannot care for themselves. Thank you for remembering them.
-The animals and staff at HappyPaws Farm.

In loving memory of our most special Luci. Soar high.
-Mom & Dad Janowicz

Skippy - a 15 year friend.
-Alan Mork, always your friend

In memory of Chase, a sweet little guy who died way too soon.
-The staff at HappyPaws Farm

In memory of Sherry Weiss.
"And they Bless us with their smiles..."

In memory of Jack.
-Nate Christensen

In memory of John & Ellen Richardson.
-With love from your daughter, Sheila

A memorial to my once-in-a-lifetime sweetheart "Sparky" whom we adopted in 1994. We still mourn her passing but finally adopted "Sabe" (renamed Big Joe). We felt because of his size (110 lbs) and being 7 years old and many medical problems he would remain at the shelter for the rest of his life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of these great loves.
-Helen & Mike Minahan

In memory of "Waffles."
-Dory Olson

In memory of Pat & Leo Jussel who took in animals and loved them.
-Ellen Reisenauer.

In memory of Kim Celedinas' mother.
-Judith Powell

A Tribute to Cocoa, a chocolate lab. She is my dad's dog and is about 9 years old. My father suffered a stroke at age 52. He was outside for 2 nights with the weather in the mid-20s. When he was found, the rescue team said she was laying over the top of him protecting him and keeping him warm. She is credited with saving his life for he was hypothermic. Had she not kept him as warm as she did, he would have perished.
Thank you Cocoa, the canine angel of Rick Bowers.
-Lea Bowers

A tribute in honor of Garrett Wheadon, Snohomish.
-Heidi Kaas

In memory of "Muppet."
-Julie Hayden

In memory of "Hannah."
-Maria Dasovich

In memory of "Jake."
-(no name indicated)

A Tribute in honor of Tom Linder, Stanwood.
-Sarah Pitluck

In memory of Becky Roundy of Woodinville, WA. She passed away 10/22/07 at Evergreen Hospice in Kirkland. She is missed terribly by her husband of 67 years.
-Harlan (Red) and all of her family.

In memory of Pug, Rosie Stemler.
-Jane Loomis

In memory of Jane Ellicott of Everett.
-Jack and Alice Peterson

In memory of our wonderful German Shepherd, "Bean" who died 3/07.
-Lana Lenz

Chubby was an ordinary tabby, about 7 years old, living under a trailer. His people mentioned him when they picked up dog food from us. He had about 4" of his colon hanging out. We spent a lot of money trying to help Chubby and after surgery he did well for a while but it was not to be. His colon came out again and there was nothing more we could do. Rest in peace, Chubby, we did all we could to help you but it was just that it was your time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
-The Staff at HappyPaws Farm

ScottyScotty was a special, unassuming shit tzu/terrier with large eyes who was rescued from the streets of Taiwan in awful condition. He found his way to the States through a special person but was then given up immediately due to his multiple medical problems. He stayed at HappyPaws for a long time. No one was ever willing to adopt him along with his compromised immune system and chronic mange.

He had a happy life on our farm but sadly succumbed to congestive heart failure at the age of ten. We will more than miss you, Scotty.
-The Staff at HappyPaws Farm

In memory of Bobbie & Striker, beloved cats of Kirk Strandberg.
-Your friend Donna Hanley

This donation is in memory of our wonderful dog Molly who recently passed on and to all the past dogs that have been part of our family throughout the years.
-Rosanne Eskenazi

In memory of Norman Reese, a huge dog lover who left behind Bailey a West Highland Terrier. Bailey still has his mom.
-Laurie Loth

With sympathy to our friend Carol Hacking who just lost her mother, Betty Jones. She was a huge dog lover.
-Laurie Loth

ChampIn memory of Champ, who had a hard life before he came to us. Champ had mental health problems from being tied up in the sun without food and water for extended periods. He was a lovely dog but very afraid of everything. During his first adoption, he spent the whole time hiding under the bed.

He was then returned to us and was lucky enough to find a home with a physical therapist who understood his problems and who loved him very much. Champ just blossomed. Recently he was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, liver and surrounding areas and he died peacefully in her arms this week.
-HappyPaws Staff

For Buster my darling. Had him for 20 years. Best cat anyone could ask for.
-Love, your Mom, Maureen.

KodiakIn memory of Sharon Roetter's chocolate lab, Kodiak Roetter.
-Teale Miller, Amy Ng, Signe Olausen, JoAnn Syron, Dolph Silver

In memory of "Nikki," my shepherd-lab.
-Michael & Nancy McCallister

In memory of Katie.
-Chip & Sandy Magin

In memory of the "3 Amigos"- Popy, Schmoo and Smokey.
-Chris Grekoff

In memory of "Timmy."
-Greg and Barbara Scholl

TimberIn memory of Timber. Timber was a handsome one year-old Husky/Aussie mix who played and played. One day he stopped playing and left for the Rainbow Bridge. An autopsy showed he had metastized lymphoma. How well he hid it! We'll miss you Timber. We hope you had fun the short time you were with us.
-The Staff at HappyPaws Farm

In recognition of Mrs. L. Schroder of Port Orchard, Washington.
-Rip and Gayle Kinsloe

In memory of puppy Charlie.
-Mary Elizabeth Spencer-Davis

In honor of Mary Kroske and Jean Fairbanks of Marysville, WA. Christmas 2006.
-Marcia & Paul Haack

In memory of Maxine Penso of Texas who was a lover of cats. She fed and cared for eight or ten cats in her area. Sadly, she died in April of 2006.
-Marilynne Barberis

In memory of "Keats" - a male FIV cat I fostered and then adopted. He died from Lymphoma on June 2, 2006, four years later.
-Carrie Vanderhoff

In memory of Softee and Milto.
-Patricia & David Vetterlein

In memory of our beautiful, funny, Dalmation, Princess Dotterina Angel Beak, "Dotsy."
-Sue and Danielle Patneaude

In memory of Egypt the Cat.
-Steve Davis

For Nada. I suffered so with Nada and hope she has found another home.
-Deb D.
(Shelter note: Nada did find a home more suitable for her.)

In memory of Hobbs, our beloved Shepairdale. We'll always have you in our hearts.
-Love, Dave & Barb Treen

In memory of Markko our beloved German Shepherd. We'll always have you in our hearts.
-Love, Dave & Barb Treen

In memory of Casey our beloved Harrier Hound. We'll always have you in our hearts.
-Love, Dave & Barb Treen

PiperPiper had a hard life. She was a street dog from Taiwan with many medical problems. She was only a year old when she arrived at our shelter. Over the years she had both eyes removed due to the pain from glaucoma. She finally succumbed to her heart valve defect the morning of 9/24/06. She left for the Rainbow Bridge very peacefully and didn't even wake up the guard terrier who slept only a few feet from her. She never found an adoptive or foster home - just too many medical problems and the time and dollars that go with them. As her heart condition worsened, she was fostered by our director.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to her medical care over the years and allowed her to live out her life to the fullest she could. Sweet dreams, dear Piper, we'll miss you so much.
-The Staff at HappyPaws Farm

In memory of Tanner. I still miss you baby boy. I know you're out there somewhere and I hope you found a loving home.

In memory of Kirby, an old spaniel mix I took home from HappyPaws Farm.
-Judith Anderson

In memory of Sunny. We brought Sunny home from HappyPaws Farm in November of 2000. He was the last of a collection of 49 almost feral cats you were assisting. We loved Sunny so much. He was the King of our castle. Unfortunately on 6/22 local coyotes took him. We miss him very much but are very thankful he was a part of our lives. Thank you for sharing Sunny with us.
-Tarrie & Terrence Eckhart

In honor of Caroline Dorobis, who passed away this spring. Caroline dearly loved animals and was grateful for the kind work done by the Humane Society.
-Craig Kasman & Barbara Steinberg

In memory of our beloved Poppy (4/1/94 - 9/21/04).
-Chris Grekoff & Garriel Keeble

In memory of my best friend, Chelsa Whiteside, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (6/91 - 1/03).
-Carol & Earl Monteleone-Whiteside

In memory of Little Basanti - snatched away when she was still a puppy.

In memory of my sweet Kavik - my dog, my friend, who lived a long, happy life of many hikes, rides, walks, runs and sleep. She went to heaven suddenly when I least expected.

A Tribute to Molly Recres for being my Maid of Honor.
-Tina Skinner

In memory of Marion Niebruegge
-Charles & Erma Bonfante & Family
-Oliver Niebruegge & Family

In memory of Cybril my beloved dog and best friend who passed over on 7/28/05.
-Roy Sykes, your Dad

ScamperIn memory of Scamper (aka, Scamper, Damper Do). You were "the best" Scamper. All that met you loved you. How could a beautiful soul like you be taken so young? The Lord must have needed another angel. We will never forget you, Scamp. You will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again, run free and play at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you and will be with you again, our sweet girl.
-Your Mom(s), Fur Sisters & Brothers and members of the HSSC

In memory of Julie M. Himple.
-Stevens Hospital Patient Accounts (Irma Wilson, Lynn Holmes, Marian Stark, DK Ruppert, Judy Sam, Heidi Cochran)

In loving memory of Niko & Harley.
-Patti Soelter

To our beloved Dinky - your footprints are not forgotten and you are always in the beach walks of our dreams.
-We love you, Mom & Dad

A tribute to ELIZABETH HANE, for her birthday on 1-31-06.
-Angela Ratcliff

A donation was made to the Humane Society by Jennifer Hartlett as a Christmas gift to Danette and Ann Brittain

In memory of Chelsa Qhiteside, the best Pembroke Welsh Corgi!
-Your Mom

In memory of Vicki Wolfstone.
-Jan & Steve Lewis

>This Memorial is for Palla, our one-year old sweet, wonderful, beautiful, cat. He tragically passed away on 8/10/05. He was neutered, micro-chipped and loved, a Palamino creme tabby. He is very much missed. The vet did all he could to save his life, and so did we.
-Russell Bigelow

In memory of Julie Druxman, age 38 and her two loving dogs, both Dobies. Julie perished in a kitchen fire accident.
-Dorothy Powter

In memory of Samantha & Jane Wisckoff.
-Karen Babeaux

SadieIn memory of "our Sadie" who we lost due to illness just after Thanksgiving 2005. We all miss her very much.
-Love from your Mom and Family Pack, Auburn, WA

In memory of Robert Anderson.
-Sandy Guthrie

In memory of Ursula Thompson.
-Chuck & Pat Stacy

In loving memory of Buddy and Sparky... I miss you always.
-Love, 'Mom'.

In honor of Alex.
-Cindy Altheide

In memory of Timmy, a little poodle mix from the streets of Taiwan who lived another five-and-a-half years here in the States but left us in 2005 after his heart failed. We love and miss you.
-Mom & Dad.

TutuTutu, a red Pom/Terrier, left us Christmas Day, 2005, at the age of 17. He came to HappyPaws two years ago when his person had to go into jail. He was a feisty old dog with no teeth and arthritis, but he would still take on any dog regardless of their size, so he was not very adoptable! We all came to love TuTu and his idiosyncrasies that were true to his character. He left us at 2:45 am Christmas Day. (Must have decided he would hitch a ride with Santa.) Tutu was a very sweet old man and we will miss him very much.
-The staff at HappyPaws Farm

In memory of Cinook and Niomi Serra. We love and miss you.
-Your Mom & Dad

In memory of Treve, so long gone but always in my heart.
-Barb Avgeres

In memory of those animals lost in Hurricane Katrina and those now without homes.
-Barbara Couvreur

In memory of Coach Don Harney.
-The Lakewood High School Staff

In loving memory of Zoie, who we also called Boo Boo. She was a little dog with a heart of a lion. We were so fortunate to have her in our lives. We miss you desperately Boo Boo!
-Love your Mommy & Daddy

CandyIn memory of Candy, an Aussie mix, 1988-2005. Candy joined our family at the age of 7, a rescue from a shelter. She was a one-in-a-million dog, always affable, always easy-going, never left home - how could anyone have given her up. She stayed with us for ten years until she needed to leave for the Rainbow Bridge after a battle with kidney disease. We miss you coming to greet us each day, Candy. Till we meet again, have fun and run and play like you did when you were a kid.
-Love you always,
Your pack.

DukeIn loving memory of Duke. Forever loved, forever remembered.
-Stephanie Russell

A tribute to Wally, beloved dog, and the animals lost in the Katrina disaster.
-Sarah Broderick, Summit Assistance Dogs

In memory of Ryan Larson.
-Our Saviors Lutheran Church Basketball Crew (Arlington)

In memory of Isaac Sakuma and his dog Abby. We will miss them very much.
-Kimberly Sakuma

In memory of Abigail Miller Busche. On 1/31/00, Abby and her husband Ryan, along with seven of their friends, were killed in an airline crash. This ended the life of an artistic, loving and spirited 25 year old; but it did not end her ability to make a difference in our community. The Abby Memorial Fund will be used to "do good" in Abby's name in areas in which she was interested.
-The Abby Memorial Fund, Bow, WA.

In honor of Mel & Dorothy Gurbutt's 50th wedding anniversary and their love for their dog Bruno who they rescued from the SPCA.
-Iris Ingram

In memory of a wonderful friend who will forever live in our hearts. Her name was Boo and we will never stop loving and missing her.
-Judy & Bill Goodwin, your Mom and Dad.

In recognition of Debbie Fandler and Susan Garvin of Denton, TX.
-Janice Olson

In memory of Jennifer C. Smith, Auburn, WA. - 7/28/57-2/6/05.
-James F. Smith USMC Ret

In memory of Kazimere, my Aunt Clara Emery's Husky who died a month ago and was her devoted companion and watchdog.
-Shari Richardson

In memory of our former neighbors, Rose & Art Pakenham.
-Betty McLellan

In honor of Sean Louis Victor Hazelwood, my son who died in an accident at the age of 19. In his short life, he saved at least two dogs, adopting both of them and saving them from terrible lives. He was an incredible young man. He lived in Seattle. Both of his dogs came to his funeral with their new owners.
-Karen Hazelwood-Dantone, Sam Dantone, Chas Hazelwood

In memory of Marlene Beard's dog "Aussie."
-Alf & Diane

In memory of Linda L. Kure.
-With love, Michael Kure

In honor of Terry Russell's dog "Casey" who passed on recently.
-Mary Jo and Myrana Anderson

>FredIn memory of my Fred who is missed every day. It was a privilege to be the object of his fiercely loyal and loving heart. Fred chose me as much as I chose him, and I feel blessed to have known him. Now Norman, who left for the Rainbow Bridge last year, will have his lifelong buddy to play with again. Take care boys, I'll see you again someday.
-Love, Lisa

Myrna Anderson and Maridel Kemp have made donations in honor of their friend's dogs who recently died:
-In honor of "Buffy" Gish of Stanwood, who is greatly missed.
-In honor or "Odie" Geddes of Arlington, who is also greatly missed.

SitkaSitka, a large sheepdog mix, arrived at our sanctuary in 2002 after his people moved and just left him behind. A neighbor brought him to us and told us he had been purchased at a garage sale for $2. Sitka was a nice dog but old and balding and not very adoptable. However, he was black and white and photographed well, so we made him our Fundraising Chair. He did an admirable job in that position! He succumbed to cancer on 5/13/05. We all miss Sitka very much and will see him again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.
-Love, the staff and dogs at HappyPaws Farm

In memory of Jeffrey (cat) Chapman, Cody (dog) Davis and Zeke (dog) Porterfield-Barta. All three beloved pets, living with different families, all left us within a week of each other in March. The three families affected, while they don't all know each other, are all close friends of mine and are all devastated. This donation is in memory of these dear friends.
-Dory Olson

In memory of my beloved Frosty.
-Ninez McConnell

In memory of Marjorie Cragg.
-Lee & Madge Phillips

In memory of Moki Dack, 4/89 - 1/04.
-Love, Pamela Dack

In memory of a precious gift, Punkin Mains.
-Love, Donna & Pam

In memory of pets not able to enjoy a full life.
-Jim Cornwell

I lost my precious Katie (schnauzer/yorkie mix) of 16 years. I miss her every day. I care about all animals. My donation is for you.
-Christine Smith, Mill Creek, WA

In memory of Max Harryman.
-Debbie Fortman

Corina Woolman for rescuing Mackie (Stanley)
-Ruth Frickle

Rocky was the best dog ever and an emissary to our neighborhood.
-Bainbridge Island Taxi

In memory of a long haired black and white cat, "Minou", a "rescued" kitty.
-Linda Summers

In Loving Memory of Oscar Cordray, a wonderful dog and loving friend. We miss you every day.
-Love you always, Penny

In memory of our cat, Siili, who lived almost 20 years as part of our family, and our two dogs Lokki and Tippi. Love you always,
-Reino & Irma Watson

ByronWe had to let Byron go today (2/8/05), after a long fight with congestive heart failure. We will miss him so very much.
-Love, Rod and Jen

In Memory of Cleo, who died Friday, February 4, 2005. She was the best dog I ever had.
-Love you always, your Mom and Dad

In memory of Shags my beloved dog. I love you and miss you.

In honor of Everett E. Miller.
-Vicki Lynn Maxey

In memory of Nonabelle Martin, beloved mother and dog lover.
-Angela Olson

Thank you, Chauncey, my beautiful Siamese, for loving me the last 18 years. I miss you and I love you.

In memory of my mother, Beverly Jeanne Lee, 8/2/29-9/15/03.
-Love you always, Madeline

In memory of Gretta (Samoyed mix, 14 yrs), Pasha (Keeshond, 8 yrs), Bejhar (Samoyed, 8 yrs), Kuma (Akita, 14 yrs). In honor of Chanel (Keeshond, 3 yrs), Tora (Akita, 2 yrs) and Mr. Murphy Morgan (cat, 14 yrs), all still living.
-Love your Mom, Jane Morgan

A donation to support Dog Town was made in loving memory of Nick Shafer, 1/11/87-6/29/01.
-Debbie Terwilliger

In memory of Bailey.
Bailey was a German Shepard and part of our family for ten years. He will be greatly missed. He is now bone cancer free and running around digging for moles and chasing rabbits.
-Love you always, Marilyn Snyder

For my beloved Sunny. I miss him every day. He was my partner in adventure, my companion. He made me laugh and brought me joy every day. My heart longs for him. Sunny was a beautiful Golden Retriever who died of cancer in May 2004.
-Love you always, your Mom, Carolyn

In memory of Drew Keitges, a good friend, honest, compassionate and who always took in strays. I miss you.

In tribute to John Bixler Bottum, 9/7/04, and Asterix, 9/2/04.
-The Bottum Family

In memory of Linda Gale.
-Love always, Chris Gale

In honor of Everett E. Millor.
-Vicki Lyn Maxey

In memory of my mother, Beverly Jeanne Lee, 8/2/29-9/15/2003.
-Love you always, Madeline Galbraith

In honor of Sol and Katherine Sylvan and their beloved dog Andy.
-Tamar Sylvan Mitts & Jay W. Mitts

In honor of Bubba Land, a chocolate brown lab.
-With much love, Mary Land

In lasting memory of "Ziggy", an eight-and-a-half year old red male doberman (5/7/96-11/25/04). We'll never forget you!
-Love you always, Cheryl Christensen


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